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Service & Personnel Acquisition



In a meeting with A. Brands and R.F Euwes you may communicate the profile of the specific candidate(s) you are considering such that our screening team is able to profile efficiently. Pandora’s Intermediairy functions according to a new concept, developed by us. We have already comprised an exclusive database of potential customers, with whom we are in frequent contact.

That way you are introduced to our business ethic and methods of operation. We will create a personnel profile that we use to create a specific company case that we, Pandora’s Intermediairy, will begin working on right away! After all, clarity for our customers and their satisfaction is of utmost importance for us.

For the recruiting of potential customers for your purposes we use our own database of clients. after a possible employee is found, a series of interviews will take place to determine if the person would fit your purpose. In the interview a number of attributes are examined, among those the following: motivation, work experience and skills, informing them of the specific expectations of them and their work environment. This all to guarantee the correct employee is found, saving time for you as well as safe-guarding quality employment of the highest efficiency we could find.

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About Us:

Darwin’s ideals can easily be applied to the business utopia of today: Evolution is a reality, thus careful development is an absolute necessity

We, of Pandora’s Intermediary are the epitome of efficiency and power of modern intermediary services.

Pandora’s intermediary was founded on the 17th of March 2008.

The extension of Service and Personnel acquisition, advertising and web design is our speciality.

Since our founding we have acquired much knowledge and experience in the respective fields we aim to represent.

Our goal is to aid you with the relaying of services or personnel, as we believe mobility and continuity are crucial for investments of any sort.

Pandora’s Intermediary is an organization on the move, recognizable, respectful and incorporating a no-nonsense approach in all our ventures. We are self-critical and thus are always vying to improve the efficiency of the organization itself. Striving to sustain business relationships, we work in an utmost focused manner to achieve an optimal win-win situation.

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